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This Guy.

Thanks for poking around. I desperately needed to kill my old site and get something else up pronto.  So don’t judge me – this is temporary.  I know things are hard to read, but really, you’re just here for the pretty pictures.



First Person Account


Five or six years after graduating from college, I realized I chose the wrong major. A communications degree was really just a precursor into sales, or if I was lucky some sort of PR or Marketing position. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – but at the time, neither appealed to my creativity.


So I taught myself design and started my own company, Flique Creative (RIP).


Five years and a hundred clients later, the company was acquired. Over that time my skill set had advanced to the point of teaching others at a university level, as well as afforded me the opportunity to work on a ridiculously wide range of projects  - from start-ups and non-profits to Fortune 500′s.


Not bad.


Aside from visual design, I have a pretty big interest in music. Again, I’ve never had any formal music training, just a passion and desire to learn. I did however manage to write several tracks which have been released world-wide and have been licensed to various compilations and television programs, including “Dancing with the Stars” and Anthony Bourdain’s “Layover”.


Good things happen when you’re self-motivated with an overwhelming desire to have a creative outlet. It doesn’t hurt that I have had the great fortune of connecting with some amazing people.


Feel free to ping me directly if you have the bandwidth to accommodate some touch points regarding robust scalability…Or ditch the buzzwords and reach out for creative advice.




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